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Truly posh clothing

I hate that I love Victoria Beckham’s F/10 RTW collection. I really do.

Call me closed-minded, but, with the exception of the Olsen twins, whenever a non-designer embarks on a ‘design’ project I automatically feel nothing but disdain for them and their creations. So much so, that if I receive a bottle of Sarah Jessica Parker perfume as a present I’ll return it the next day – and I’m an SJP fan for life. Yo.

However, Beckham’s latest endeavour has proven me wrong. The collection is so sexy, so slick, so Mad Men, so …¬†Gucci circa 2006, that I can’t help but fall for it.

Despite consisting entirely of dresses, the collection is the most commercially-viable to emerge from NYFW so far (we’ve still got Michael Kors and Donna Karan to come).

Whether or not Beckham is the creative force behind the collection, who knows. But when the dresses make women look this good, who cares!

Judge for yourself.

Victoria Beckham F/10 RTW

Victoria Beckham F/10 RTW

Victoria Beckham F/10 RTW

Beckham does lose points for lack of originality, though. Combine the above three dresses and what do you get? Keira Knightley in Gucci at the 2006 UK premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, that’s what.

Keira Knightley