Made in the ’70s

Where would this blog be without the ’70s? Where would my wardrobe be without the ’70s?! (And the ’60s, too, but let’s stick to one decade at a time).

I was reminded yesterday, whilst watching Frost/Nixon, of how valuable this decade is as a reference point for fashion today. The ’70s was, after all, the decade when ‘effortless chic’ became fashionable.

Rebecca Hall, who plays Caroline Cushing in the film (opposite Michael Sheen), is so statuesque and lithe that the jersey day dresses and backless gowns her character wears almost steal the show. Almost. Frank Langella’s sweaty upper lip does a fine job, too.

Rebecca Hall in Frost/Nixon

Italian fashion house Etro looked to the early ’70s for its S/10 RTW collection, which is currently available in the northern hemisphere. Combining romantic maxi dresses with tasselled bags and roomy silk blouses, the collection seems like it was designed with one of David Frost’s (many) beauties in mind. Here are my top three picks:

Etro S/10 RTW

Etro S/10 RTW

Etro S/10 RTW


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