Not-so-Unique animal instincts

As much as I appreciate the ruggedness of Unique’s London Fashion Week show, the Topshop brand’s use of antlers and fur (fur coats, fur for hair, furry eyebrows) to create a sense of animalism and earthiness fails to impress me.

Unique F/10 RTW

In 2004, Australian brand Sass & Bide featured an array of antler and skull headdresses:

Sass&Bide S/04

Viktor & Rolf did the same thing that year:

Viktor & Rolf F/04

Back then it was shocking. Now it’s desperate.

As for the blatant Where the Wild Things Are theme, I wonder if Topshop realised Opening Ceremony did something similar last year?

Needless to say, the following is certainly an outfit only a Wild Thing could love.

Unique F/10 RTW


One response to “Not-so-Unique animal instincts

  1. As long as it’s faux fur I’m not too fussed either way. Did love S&B’s stuff that year – just for a bit of fun.

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