DVF ‘cougar’ dress for sale

Nothing wrong with a bit of shameless self-promotion, right? If you answered yes, please read on …

Tibi, showing at NYFW, featured a maxi dress that looked like it had been worn to game of paint ball (by a member of the losing team, no doubt).

Tibi F/10 RTW

I own a dress like this myself – ahh, it’s so nice to be ahead of the trends for a change. Smugness aside, I’m trying to sell the dress on eBay.

Mine is ’70s vintage Diane von Furstenberg, back when she was accentuating waits, not enlarging them. I purchased it from Chelsea Girl Vintage in New York last year for 500 big ones and have worn it once – I bought it with tags, albeit faded tags, still attached.

I love it, but I’m trying desperately to forget the cougar-ish night on which it was worn and am finding it difficult to do so when I continuously encounter it in my wardrobe.

Here it is. Please buy it, have yourself a Boogie Nights/’70s disco-themed night, and help a gal in need while you’re at it.

Memories ...


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