A wide view of DVF

What in God’s name has Diane von Furstenberg been feeding her models to make them look so … wide?

I know they were eating “carbs galore” at Thakoon (thanks to The Cut’s regular tweets), but what was on the menu at DVF? Deep-fried Mars Bar pizza?

OK, that was a tad mean. And I am all for the curvy figure – I would be a hypocrite if I wasn’t. But several of Diane von Furstenberg’s outfits added inches to the waists of normally svelte models, namely Natalia Vodianova (my personal favourite), Behati Prinsloo and Erin Heatherton. All I can say is, thank goodness they have lithe limbs.

While I’m not suggesting a cinched waist is the be all and end all, von Furstenberg would’ve done well to shorten her blazers and raise the waistbands on her capris. Proportion, proportion, proportion people!





2 responses to “A wide view of DVF

  1. I simply loved the opening chiffon bolero. Also the party dresses were fab. All in all the head gear were drool worthy! Nice blog 🙂

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